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Opportunities to come to Russia during the pandemic

At the moment, there are restrictions on the entry of foreign nationals in other countries all over the world.
Russia is no exception.

However, there are several opportunities to come to visit us, even if the communication between Russia and your country is not open.
1.        Medical treatment
Even if your country does not allow its citizens to leave the territory of your country, medical conditions are a reason to leave. We help you find a medical center, issue an invitation from him, and on the basis of documents to obtain a business visa with a stay in Russia for 30-90 days.
2.        Technical specialists
If you are a technical specialist and you have partners, representation or just negotiations where your presence as an expert is necessary, we will help you to execute the invitation (which will be the basis for opening a business visa for a year) through the relevant Ministry of our country.

To come to Russia after obtaining a visa you need a negative coronavirus test and confirmation of your place of staying.
Contact  us with your specific question regarding your arrival to Russia.
We hope to see you here soon!